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The Forbidden Prophecies

The Mayans. Nostradamus. Joseph Smith. Astrology. Tarot cards. Palm reading.

These are just some of the individuals and practices that millions of people today believe can see into, and even influence, the future.

The Forbidden Prophecies is a truly unique publication that will take you on a journey through history, putting the claims of the most popular prophets, oracles, and soothsayers to the test by scrutinising their predictions. You will see that there is one very special individual who stands out above all others when it comes to knowledge of the unseen. His ancient prophecies not only impact every human being alive today, but they also map out the major world-changing events on the horizon.


“The Forbidden Prophecies is one of the first formal academic attempts to make a contrastive argument for the prophethood of Prophet Muhammad using prophecies from the Quran and Sunnah. Abu Zakariya makes a unique contribution to the religious discourse by comparing the accuracy and consistency of Islamic predictions with those of other major religious figures and fortune tellers. The book is written in an accessible language and is a must read for those wanting to understand the case for the Prophet Muhammad’s messengership.” – Mohammed Hijab

“Humanity for countless ages has been fascinated and even obsessed by predictions of the future. From fortunetellers to astrological readings to ancient prophecies the ability to foretell the future has been linked to divine intervention, but how can one differentiate the true from the false, that which is real from trickery and manipulation. This is what this unique book explores, until we are confronted with an even more puzzling issue… how certain ancient predictions of surprising accuracy have been hidden from us in plain sight, perhaps even purposefully! The Forbidden Prophecies reveals to all what has until now been kept from many, and helps lead to a path of certainty in an age of confusion.” – Abdur Raheem Green

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